WindSensor P2546D-OPR Cup Anemometer


The WindSensor P2546-OPR Cup Anemometer combines unrivaled performance with the only IEC 61400-12-1 compliant classification on the market. Originally designed for marine environments, the P2546-OPR is ideally suited for wind resource assessment and power performance studies both onshore and offshore.

The P2546D-OPR (electronic version) features permanent magnets mounted on the shaft that activates an electronic switching circuit. This generates an open collector output signal with a frequency proportional to the wind speed.

Please consider the P2546D-OPR as a direct replacement for the discontinued P2546A-OPR. See technical note for replacing the P2546A-OPR reed switch version.

We also offer the P2546C-OPR coil version.

P2546-OPR features

  • One-piece rotor anemometer head (OPR)
  • Durable construction with anodized aluminum and stainless steel
  • Low threshold speed
  • Short distance constant
  • Negligible overspeeding
  • Angular response independent of wind speed
  • Fully tested temperature performance
  • Symmetrical geometry
  • No external power source
  • MEASNET calibrated


Sensor type 3-cup anemometer
Applications Wind resource assessment
Wind turbine power performance measurement
Meteorological and environmental monitoring
Response characteristics
Calibration Each anemometer individually calibrated compliant with IEC 61400-12-1
Transfer function U = 0.620 x f + 0.21 [m/s]
Dispersion of transfer function σ = 0.0015 x U  [m/s] @ U = 4...16 m/s
Distance constant (63% recovery) 1.81 ± 0.04 m
Starting threshold < 0.3 m/s
Resolution 0.001 m/s @ 10-minute average mode
Range 0...75 m/s
Output signal
Signal type NPN open collector, frequency proportional to wind speed
Duty cycle 45...55 %
Max switching voltage 30 V
Max switching current 10 mA
Output resistance 60 Ω
Pull-up resistor

100 kΩ max @ switching voltage  = 5 V
10 kΩ max @ switching voltage > 5 V

Calibration standard uncertainty, uV1 0.012…0.038 m/s @ 4…16 m/s
Classification standard uncertainty, uV2
Class number, k   Operational standard uncertainty, uV2 @ 10 m/s
1.32A   0.076 m/s
3.71B   0.214 m/s
1.54C   0.089 m/s
3.76D   0.217 m/s
0.03...3.76S   0.002...0.217 m/s
Power supply
P2546D-OPR Self-excited, pull-up resistor of 10…100 kΩ required
Operating temperature range -40...60 °C
Operating humidity range 0...100 % RH
Compliance CE: EMC &  ROHS, REACH, WEEE, FCC
Exterior materials Anodized aluminum, Stainless steel and GRP
Mating cable connector Lemo E Series FFA.1E.650.CTAC45 (cable diameter 4.1…4.7 mm)
Overall height 282 mm
Swept diameter of rotor 188 mm
Weight 0.36 kg
Shipping weight 1.15 kg
Shipping dimensions Cardboard box 360 x 230 x 210 mm
Mounting Onto a 25.0 ±0.1 mm (0.984 inch) diameter mast with two set screws
Tools required 4 mm Allen wrench (enclosed)


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