Media kit

This media kit provide information to business partners and resellers regarding the use of the WindSensor name, logo, images and written documentation.

Business partners and resellers are encouraged to use the media kit material as a reference to WindSensor or WindSensor products. Any use of the media kit must comply with the terms of use set out below.

See our terms


Download our company logo

PMS 647 C
CMYK 96,54,5,27
RGB 35,97,146
WEB #236192
PMS 424 C
CMYK 30,20,19,58
RGB 112,115,114
WEB #707372
Logo blue Logo grey

This package contains the following documents:

PDF format
-Vector graphics for viewing or editing

SVG format
-Vector graphics for web

EMF format
-Vector graphics for Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint

PNG format
-Raster graphics with transparent background

JPG format
-Raster graphics with white background


Download logo


Download our documentation

This package contains the following documents:

P2546-OPR data sheets
-For web download and printing

P2546-OPR application notes
-For web download and printing

P2546-OPR poster  
-For professional printing in poster sizes


Download documentation

Download high resolution product images

This package contains the following documents:

P2546C-OPR high resolution image
-For web and documentation

P2546D-OPR high resolution image
-For web and documentation


Download images

Terms of use

You may use our media kit for promoting WindSensor and WindSensor products or to indicate collaboration with WindSensor. Please do not use the media kit in ways that may be misleading or confusing or may harm the WindSensor brand.

Publications (datasheet, poster etc.) listed on this page may be uploaded to web sites promoting or selling WindSensor products and made available for download. Please do not edit or change the content of the WindSensor publications in any way.

Our logo may be used on web sites or in publications promoting WindSensor products. Use the logo on a white or light colored background for the logo text to be clearly visible. Make sure that the logo is scalable and blends into the backgrund without a visible box around the logo using one of the three transparent vector formats. Please do not make any changes to the logo and do not incorporate other elements into the logo.

When using our media kit for publications not published by WindSensor please make sure not to leave the impression that the publication is an official WindSensor document. Before releasing any such publication, it must be approved by WindSensor.

Using the WindSensor logo or name on products or product packaging is completely prohibited.

If you have any questions related to the use of the WindSensor media kit or need any further information on the WindSensor products please don’t hesitate to contact us.